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This analysis is found on  We turned into familiar with this amazing site due to the viral memes and news articles talking about it. Upon more study we noticed why these memes that have screenshots of texts and news articles are ALL fictitious. Everything is one big advertising deception created to develop attention to the website.

This Site Is Connected With A Lot Of Fake Hokup Websites

SlagSearch is connected to a lot of phony websites eg,, and  A number of these web sites seem precisely the same and they also redirect with the same site also known as We have explanation to believe that SlagSearch is had by exact same people operating these three various other bogus hookup internet sites.

SlagSearch Redirects To is utilized to channel people to a fake top 10 gay dating site site known as Any time you key in SlagSearch into the internet browser your immediately redirected to their site. The domain is purely accustomed reroute visitors from one site to a different.  We currently performed an extensive post on in which we breakdown precisely why this great site is a fraud. If you would like study the explanations why the site is actually inaccurate, deceptive and completely fictitious you’ll be able to simply click this link and study it on your own.

MeetWild utilizes fictitious profiles of attractive looking women combined with pc spiders to deliver you automatic messages. This technique works very well because when you get in on the site you think there is hot appearing women that happen to be giving you communications. Sadly the thing is is that you are unable to answer emails until you improve that is certainly where the scam happens!

Fake Information Articles Which Go Viral Are Used To Get Complimentary Marketing And Advertising utilizes an extremely interesting, but deceitful way to get people to see their website. In the first example below you will observe absolutely a screenshot of a news article declaring that a «woman is actually suing a dating site labeled as after after offering their brother a BJ through a hole in the wall structure.» This really is all fake and is also made use of as a marketing gimmick to have individuals visit the website. It truly does work very efficiently and has now generated these kind of fake news posts get viral using the internet. It is free of charge marketing for the web site.
(A screenshot of a phony news article that is actually advertising Slag Search.)

Fake Text Used As An Advertising Gimmick

Below is a screenshot of a fake text message that can went viral on various meme web pages. It is not a real text, yet again it is an advertising technique used to get free people to SlagSearch. People behind this great site are very brilliant in how they market the website to get loads and numerous free of charge visitors to go to their unique scam.

(A screenshot of a fake text message definitely really and truly just an artificial meme used to produce people to the web site.) 

Under is actually a phony tweet which is regularly advertise the site. There is a photograph on a tweet that makes it appear as if someone set a note on another person’s car simply because they hit it. Throughout the information it claims «Sorry we hit your car I was to my cellphone hoping to get some twat on Someone noticed me personally hit the car so I’m creating this to really make it resemble i am providing information good luck get me personally as much as possible!»  everything is actually artificial but it appears genuine and it’s super amusing so that the likelihood of something like this going viral are particularly obvious. Once again our very own brilliant marketing strategy regrettably they truly are marketing frauds.

(A screenshot of a phony note speaing frankly about SlagSearch that has been published on Twitter.)

How They Generate Visitors To Their Website:

How they create several thousand visitors to their site will be create these artificial memes like we’ve currently discussed. From that point they just have actually Twitter reports, fb records, Reddit addresses Etc as well as post these phony development posts and fake screenshots of texts on these social media accounts. Sooner or later these social media articles go widespread. After they get viral absolutely a certain percentage of men and women that glance at the meme and then see «» for the meme and look at the site. Its an excellent selling point with generated all of them hundreds of thousands of people to the website. Unfortunately they can be utilizing their ability to rip men and women off considering that the websites they enhance tend to be totally artificial.

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Final Decision:

Although we are amazed with the marketing and advertising capabilities they are using them for all your wrong factors. Slagsearch is a scam once we’ve stated often times in this study and demonstrably no one should put it to use.

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